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What Are The Causes Of Loose Teeth Among Adults?

Having loose teeth is great if a person is on the age of 10 year old because one may think of the tooth fairy that can come anytime soon. This same enthusiasm is not shared by adults with loose teeth. Loose teeth may be caused by three possible reasons. These are gum disease, faulty dental appliance and accident. All of these causes need medical attention from a dentist before it is too late.

Gum disease and periodontal disease can be a cause for tooth loss. If this is so, one must visit the dentist to assess the damage on the mouth. One must have a proper dental hygiene which includes proper brushing and flossing every day, as well as getting plenty of calcium. It is also highly recommended to use a mouthwash to reduce plaque and help reduce the gum disease gingivitis. For smokers, smoking is one of the most significant risk factors to the development and progression of periodontal disease.

Dental appliances, such as a crown or bridge, are also one of the causes why there is a loose tooth.  If it comes out over the weekend, one can get many over-the-counter products that will temporarily tighten the appliance until you can get in to see your dentist. If the crown or bridge has completely come out, clean it with a toothbrush and use a product such as Dentemp to adhere it in your mouth. Also, if your bridge or crown is loose, carefully apply Dentemp to the tooth and surrounding teeth. Dentemp is only intended as a temporary solution for this problem.

If a person has suffered an injury that affected and loosens the tooth, it is imperative to get to the dentist within an hour to save a knocked out or severely loose tooth. But if the tooth is just a bit loose and still properly aligned on the mouth, it may probably tighten back up on its own. However, it is still a good idea to have the tooth checked out by one’s dentist to know how to fix loose teeth if it happens again.

If the tooth is slightly loose, one can try this home remedy of ½ mustard oil mixed with a pinch of table salt. This can help soothe the gums of the teeth and fix loose teeth. Proper diet can also help promote the oral health of the mouth and prevent loose teeth from happening again. Calcium rich foods such as dairy products have been known to be effective in strengthening the bones and teeth.

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Effective Way To Strengthen Loose Teeth

The most common causes of loose tooth in adults are periodontal or gum disease and an accidental injury involving the jaw. During vehicular accidents, sports injuries, or any confrontations, a person must seek immediate treatment. The dentist can assess the severity of the damage and the examination must take place as soon as possible before further damage occurs. In cases of accidents, the tooth often tightens back on itself within a short time, usually two weeks. However, if it fails to tighten, then the patient needs to check with his dentist again.

Severe gum disease can not only cause the tooth to loosen, it also causes the tooth to literally fall out of the mouth.  Gum disease can be successfully treated if it is caught during its early stages. Prevention of any gum disease is best than to have treatment.  However, if a person experience swollen gums and loose teeth, one must immediately seek dental treatment in order to know how to fix the loose teeth. The people who experience falling teeth are those that did not follow through with the periodontal treatment and good oral hygiene habits after treatment.

During treatment, the pockets on the tooth will be measured and root planning will be done, a deep scaling and cleaning at the base line of the teeth to remove the plaque and tartar build up from the tooth underneath the gums and at the gum line. The areas of the gums may appear red, inflamed or may look whiter than the other oral tissues and puffy.

The root planning procedure can help return the normal health of the gums. A patient may be given antibiotics and a special mouthwash to help combat the bacteria in the body.  A root planning by a dentist in a lot of periodontal diseases is enough to cure the problem and tighten loose teeth. However, due to some severe periodontal disease, a dentist may refer a patient to a periodontist for further cleaning and scaling.

There are also effective ways on how to strengthen and fix loose teeth at home. Eating foods that are rich in calcium such as dairy products is one of the effective ways to treat this dilemma. Calcium food supplements can be taken if these calcium rich foods are not available. One can also squeeze half a lemon to a glass of water and substitute it as the regular mouthwash to kill the dental-problem-causing bacteria.

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The Remedies Related To Handling Loose Teeth

Have you been wondering for quite a time right now why you have a loose tooth? This might have already been bothering you from the moment you observed it until now. With this, you should immediately consult a dental professional. Ignoring the problem may bring about worse problems and may result to totally dropping a tooth. Whenever you go to the dentist, she or he will look at the status of your concern which is the loose tooth and give you the proper advice and treatment.

There are many possible remedies readily available for treating loose teeth and preventing further aggravation. It might be among the following: gum disease therapy through application of antibiotics, dental prophylaxis, scaling, splinting or even what’s inevitable to serious cases, total tooth extraction. These treatments will be given by the dentist with respect to the stage of the concern available.

For older people, having loose teeth might usually result from having gum disease or being involved in a few incident causing stress as well as injury to the teeth. You should seek advice from a professional on how to fix loose teeth. Probably the most dominating cause could be gum disease. It might be a cliché to say that avoidance is preferable to treatment nevertheless, along with gum disease, it is very factual. Along with gum disease, a lot of oral complications might arise from just simple bad breath to as serious as periodontitis and tooth loss.

If you are identified through the dentist to have gum disease, she or he will likely have you go through a scaling or even prophylaxis procedure. The two dental methods carried out with a dental professional will remove plaque, tartar and bacteria which have mounted on your teeth. Prophylaxis or even deep cleaning is performed first to remove food particles then next is scaling which eliminates hardened tartar from the edges of the gum line. This is in order to restore the dental health that is required for the development of gum tissues. Nevertheless, you will find really severe cases of gum disease in which the bone framework holding the teeth have totally flattened.

At this point, it’s inevitable that the tooth or teeth must be extracted. The procedure of splinting is usually completed to loose tooth caused by an external force or mouth stress. This involves a thin metal cable attached to the mouth, to a teeth which is still in great shape, accustomed to stabilize the affected teeth. This is just a temporary treatment to regain the tooth’s balance but if it fails, tooth extraction will be the last measure.

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