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Effectively Treating Inflamed Gums Around The Tooth

Swollen Gums Directly Affects Gingivitis

Knowing how to treat swollen gums around tooth area will help in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Fortunately, time has unveiled remedies on how to treat swollen gums at home, and avoid over the counter medicine. However, prior to starting the treatment process, it is always good practice to consult with an oral specialist. This will help you find a way to treat swollen gums safely, and bypass the pain and discomfort of misdiagnosing the problem.

Swollen gums stem from a variety of things. A major cause of gum disease is the formation of plaque along the gum line and around the teeth. When this happens, the nasty bacteria pulls in white blood cells and heavy fluids in the area causing the gums to puff and swell. Adolescents, postmenopausal women and pregnant mothers also suffer from this because of the changes in the hormones.  When the body lacks certain vitamins such as calcium, Vitamin C, vitamin B, folic acid, iron and niacin, this can cause the gums to swell. That’s why it’s important to replinish the body with fruit and vegetables, which are great ways to treat swollen gums.

Treat Swollen Gums With A Oral Rinse

Get a tablespoon of salt and stir this into a glass of warm water. Lightly gargle with the mixture for about 45 seconds to a minute, and be sure rinse thoroughly around the mouth. Then proceed by spitting the solution out, remember not to swallow the mixture. Imply this procedure a few times a day to aid in reducing the swelling.

An additional method on how to treat swollen gums is the application of lemon juice. Take a fresh lemon and squeeze out the juice. Combine this with a glass of warm water. Disinfect your mouth with this oral rinse three times per day for about  one minute or 60 seconds.

Buy propolis extract and apply a drop of it in your mouth especially on the swollen gums around tooth. This should remain for a minute or more in your mouth before you rinse it off. Propolis extract can be found at your local health store or ordered online from a herbal website.

Also, a great way to treat swollen gums is using a natural rinse that contains essential oils and minerals. Such oils as tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and chamomile. These oils contain anti-bacterial agents that prevent bacteria from spreading and promotes healing.  

Massage the Gums for Treatment

Massaging the gum-line with your thumb and index finger, or a cotton swab a couple times per day for a few minutes is an excellent method for treating swollen gums. This will increase blood flow to the gum area thus flushing away bacteria. You may also use a combination of baking soda or table salt to a bit of turmeric and massage this onto the gum area to take away the pain.

Treating Swollen Gums With Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth after every meal is a way to treat swollen gums. Look for toothpaste with the herb bloodroot and zinc. Bloodroot has alkaloids that stop plaque accumulation. Additionally you can brush your teeth with baking soda, since this is gentler to use on the gum area compared to some commercial products.

Furthermore, be sure to floss regularly to prevent unwanted waste from sitting between your teeth. Food particles that stay stuck will lead to swollen and bleeding gums.

Try these home remedies for gum treatment, as they are effective ways on how to treat swollen gums.

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